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The Brenham Boys and family

photo[3] (4)Friday I recieved a call from a gentleman by the name of Mr. Erwin Sanders of  Brenham Texas and he mentioned he would like to come down and give fishing a whirl in Port O Connor. I was glad to oblige Mr. Sanders and told him to meet me at Froggies around 6:30 and we would go see if we could locate a few fish . Boy was I in for a treat.They showed up early Friday morning ready to go.Mr. Sanders his two sons (one with the purpleist shorts I personally have ever seen) and another gentleman that I simply forgot his name. He was a big ole tall drink a water and I think he said was an Assistant Principal in Brenham.Poor kids, no just kidding, he was a quite fella that was a fishin dude. We got out there and the ribbing started and continued all day. We were lucky enough to get into the redfish and black drum that day and they jusy kept on biting and kept on getting bigger and bigger. As luck would have it Mr Sanders I think caught the first 3 fish and his boys were going nuts . I had to cast for Mr. Sanders due to some Rotator cup problem with his shoulder , personally, I don’t think there was anything wrong with his shoulder I think he just wanted me to cast  for him cause I could cast further than the other guys could. Let me tell ya something, we had a great time and they kept on saying its the trip that makes it and if we happen to catch something thats just a bonus. Sometimes I might believe that’s a true statement but with these country boys and in eyes their they wanted to catch fish and if I didn’t come through I might be cut bait and not make it back in. All kidding aside, this was a great trip for me, yes, we caught alot of fish and had a great time  but I made some new friends that I hope to see again one day. They had such a good time that their wives wanted to go the next day but due to having a prievious engagement as Weigh Master in Henry and Barbie Goode ‘s 2nd annual Drumboree Tournament I told them I could only go for a couple hours and that was fine with them. As luck would have it thats all we needed, the redfish were still in the same general location and the ladies caught a couple nice reds as well as couple nice puppy drum to boot. I want to thank Mr. Sanders for inviting me to take his great family and friends along on the fishing trip and hope to see them all again one day.


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