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Tanner came in for a cool day of duck hunting.

Good friend and dog trainer Tanner took time out from his busy schedule to come down for a good day of duck hunting . Along with Tanner was his dad and that was a treat in itself. These guys had a great day of duck hunting along with some good conversations with his dad. These guys are around ducks and dogs all season so it was a good time for them to just relax and have a good time. The ducks cooperated somewhat but I guess that why they call it hunting not killing. I really want to thank Tanner for spending time with my dog at Hendricks Kennels in Katy. Imagine Tanner is training my dog named Tanner. I’m sure my dog is in good hands cause Steve Hendicks has a first class operation going on there. I’ll be looking forward to working with Tanner (trainer) real soon.  Take care guys and I hope to see you again next season.

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