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Patman and son Zack caught up in trout arama.

Good friend Patrick Murray and his son Zack came in hoping to be in on some wild trout and redfish action. Well, the trout cooperated but father time caught up with us so the reds will just have to wait till next trip. We headed out early with another great fishing buddy of mine Capt. Jimbo Barnes of Rusted Hook Guide Service. I had been on some really good trout for the last 4 days so I hoped they would be there one more day for my group today. They didn’t dissappoint either we ended our day with 25 nice trout with a couple comimng in at 23″. Patrick and Zack got in on the action also. Zack finally figured out that croaker fishing and it was on then. He caught some nice trout right along with a couple ole slimy Gafftop. Patrick , what can I say , Pat is Pat, he always has something to say no matter what . His main concern was to get Zack on some fish and it was a success, Zack did a good job. I forgot to mention that Patman did get the biggest trout of the day, close to 24″. Of course it was comical watching him go round and round trying to net that big trout . Each time he touched that trouts tail with the dip net that fish would go crazy and after a few breath taking minutes I mentioned to him it might be a little easier to lead that trout in the net head first. Funny how that works huh Pat. We had a great time fishing together and what can I say about my ole buddy Jimbo. He’s always first out if the boat and gone and when he returns back to the boat he will alays have more than everyone’s share of fish, he’s just one hell of a fisherman I guess thats whay I fish with him cause he knows exactly what the heck he’s doin and to get better u have to fish with better people and I simply just like being around him cause we have a lot in common and I still pick up little tricks that he won’t tell ya about. Sneaky lil dude. Thanks guys for another awesome trip on the water and I hope to see all of u soon.imagejpeg_020140810_131152 (2)

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