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Beautiful day, great people and plenty of reds.



20141011_095245Unlike Friday , Saturday was a more pleasent day. I met up with my clients at Clarks around 7:00 am and after we settled in and got our game plan down we headed out. On my boat was Jimmie and Diane and on another boat was Mark and his wife Anne. We headed through the back back bay going to one of the spots that had been holding some good reds the previous days before. Once we arrived at the location I mentioned to Mark to drift in and cast the finger mullet up close the grass and let the bait work it’s magic. We did the same but just a litle further up the shore. We soaked some finger mullet for an hour or so with not much luck except for a couple 12″ reds. Diane was really excited about the sunrise we had going on, I mentioned to her we some of the prettiest sunrises and sunsets on the coast but you just have to be out here and catch them just right to get the best pictures. It was kinda slow so I mentioned I wanted to run back up the shoreline a bit because there was something I saw that I wanted to check out. We proceeded up the shoreline untill I saw a group of white pelicans up tight against the shore dipping their heads completely underwater. When they picked up their heads they were justa shaking the small baitfish down their throats so I figured if the pelicans are gorging themselves then the reds just might be doin the same. I shutdown the motor and drifted in close enough to where I could see the sandbar the pelicans were on and I flipped a small finger mullet over to the edge of the sandbar and gave the rod to Diane. I proceeded to bait up another line and when I looked up I saw Diane hooked up with something big. I glanced toward the shore and I could see she had tied into a good size red. You could the big red thrashing around in the 2′ of water behind the boat. Diane did a great job, she handled that red like she had caught a thousand of them,she took every word I mentioned and soon I boated her 24″ red. We were in the right spot at the right time and I was with some great people to boot. It didnt take long before we had our limit of 6 big reds so I called over for Mark to come anchor up right beside me. He did just that and soon Anne was hooked up with another big red. The bad thing about a half day trip is , it just goes by so quick. We ended our fast action morning with 8 really nice reds and culling 7 more 19″ reds to boot. I didn’t forget about Jimmy now , I think Jimmy wanted Diane to catch the reds on our boat while he took the pictures.I really enjoyed talking to Jimmy and Diane Saturday morning and hope maybe one day go to the Davis Mountain Range where Diane and family run a hunting service for big game. I’m gonna see if they want to swap some fishing and duck hunting trips for a mule deer hunt. Thats just one thing I’ve always wanted to do but just never had the oppurtunity to persue. I want to thank Anne,Mark, Diane,& Jimmy for a great trip on the water and who knows maybe one day I’ll either see them on the water or up on the Davis Mountain range. Take care.

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