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Troy Keen and Tripletail, what a combination.





20150731_083255Every once in a while a person gets lucky enough to meet someone and immediately know this guy is ok. Troy is one of those guys. Troy and I took our Captains course at the same time and it was a plaeasure meeting him and his family but you really have to watch him cause soon he’ll be staying at your place go through your tackle room, you just need to keep a sharp eye out cause he will, lol. He has his own guide service in Matagorda called Keen’s Guide Service and he really does well with his fishing action as well as his floundering trips. Yea Troy takes flounder trips and they limit out 99.9 % of the time. I’m not giving him 100% because their is always a slight margin for error and when u fish or flounder with Troy you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Lol, nah Troys good people. I’m always bugging Troy about taking me TripleTailing so I gues he got tired of me asking so he drove his new 24′ TranCat across the bay, put it in a sling and stayed at our place in Port O Connor. I was really impressed he crossed Matagorda Bay all by himself without getting lost, I really was expexting to get a call. Its always fun having Troy down cause we get along so well, I just wish he was a little better fisherman than he puts up to be but he’s from Matagorda so what can I say. Ha. We set out early and as they sun came up Troy said he was gonna have to blindfold me because he didnt want me to know where we were so I wouldnt pot lick on his spot, to late, I knew exactly where we were. We hit several markers before I caught a small one then I caught a nice legal keeper, then it was Troys turn. Oh before I get to carried away, this type of fishing is really a team work type of fishing and the boat has to be in the right place so your cast will be spot on cause accuracy is everything and I did notice my boat driving skills are quite a bit better than Troy’s hince he caught the biggest one. Thats ok, I know who should hve caught that fish since I broke one off a few hours earlier at the same structure,but the boat just was not in the proper location so I BROKE MINE OFF, THANKS TROY. LOL. We had a great am of fishing, while catching 3 nice fish with one being in the upper 20 plus lb range. Always a pleasure fishing with ya buddy, hope to see you soon. I’d like to say a good friend of ours passed away a few months ago and that guy was awesome friend Jessie Arsola. Jessie taught me alot about fishing for big trout as well as he took me when I caught my 1st tripletail,miss ya buddy , your always in my thoughts. Great trip Troy.

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  1. Capt. Troy August 16, 2015 at 1:54 am #

    Thanks for the story Keith. I’m glad that our paths crossed back in captains school and I consider you a friend. It’s not very often that people meet and click like we do. Looking forward to our next adventure together and give you some more stuff to write about. It’s always fun and the fish box usually ends up full.

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