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The Bletsch crew in for some of our hot surf action.


20150801_121040Good friend Randy Johnson called and wanted to set up a fishing trip for his dad Wayne for fathers day so we set it up and they all showed up on Thursday afternoon in preperation for our trip on Sat am. With the time set for 4:30 am the next morning everyone turned in early in hopes of having sore arms for catching so many trout the next morning. As it turned out that is exactly what happened. We set out early and I took it easy not knowing just how the surf was going to be and as luck would have it, it was flat with just 1 foot rollers to the beach. At our first stop it didnt take long before Jeanna hooked up and the trash talking began. It slowed for a few minutes so I mentioned to them lets take a ride down the beach I knew of a couple other spots that had produced in the past. As luck would have it the 2nd spot we stopped at was full of bait jumping everywhere. I think by 8:30 we had our 20 huge surf trout and Wayne, Micheal,Randy and Jeanna all contributed in the catching with Jeanna taking the top but Randy might argue that point but since I’M the captain and Jeanna was the cutest one on the boat I have the final word. Lol. It was fast and furious with complete trash talking taking place with Jeanna holding her own. I was truely impressed. We had a great time, the weather was great and I hope Wayne had a great fathers day. I know I really enjoyed having the crew down again.

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