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Running from storms, but fantastic surf action.

The last few days have been days that dreams are made of in the trout world. The action in the surf has been incredible with sizes of the trout being actually to big to keep. What a problem to have huh. Today Jimbo Barnes, Micheal Foster and myself left the dock a little before 6 am. We rounded the jetties and it was slick calm so our expectations went through the roof. I knew exactly where I wanted to go with the gulf conditions, when we arrived at our location Jimbo and Mike wanted to wade so I dropped them off in 2 different spots. I eased down the shoreline looking for a washout that I knew was there. Once on anchor I hooked a croaker and launched it out. As soon as it hit the water it was met with a hard thump. Up on the surface came this 24″ beautiful trout and from then on I knew what kind of morning we were going to have. I caught my 5 nice fish then eased back up the shoreline picking up Mike then Jimbo. The whole time we were out there the storms offshore kept building and when storms like that build up it can change your trip in a heartbeat. Luckily Jimbo and Micheal each had their limits of beautiful trout so we decided to head back ahead of the storm. Thanks guys for just another one of our great trips on the water.20160630_092947[1]




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