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Rainy weather trout with Billy and Cody



20150523_121248I had a father and son team come down last weekend for some hopeful fish catching action and thats just what took place. Bill Newsome and son Cody came in last Saturday. They wanted to try their luck at some trout and reds so we took off earlier than normal due to it being Memorial Day weekend. We arrived at our location but Billy was a little hesitant about wadefishing but Cody was all in. I got Billy set up with a popping cork and live shrimp, then set up Cody with the same set up I which was using for croakers. We eased down the shoreline a little ways and I gave Billy certain instructions about staying in shallow water and working the grassbeds. Cody and I took off and soon I hooked up with a really nice 25″ trout . Cody was mimicking everything I was doing but his bite was a little slower than mine. Cody and I waded quite a ways out and I was keeping a close eye on Cody cause just in case a shark did show up I did’nt want him to head for the hills. Luckily the man in the gray suit never showed up. All the while Billy was fishing up tight on the grassbeds and wearing the small reds out. Finally Cody and I waded back up to him and between us we had an additional 8 good trout so we eased back to the boat for a lunch break. After the break ,I fixed Cody up with cork so he could try and help his dad with some of those reds. As they went shallow I eased out the back of the boat and waded to about waist deep water. On my 2nd cast something smashed that croaker and off it went. I saw the tail and I knew was a big Jackfish. I yelled at Cody and asked him if he wanted to fight this big fish and here he came, I was so glad. Cody took over the fight and about 50 minutes later he landed the big jackfish. After a couple pictures I revived the jack and let it swim off to torture someone else. We went after some reds but the weather and the bite was getting worse so we called it a day. I had a great time with Billy and Cody, but wanted to tell Cody that he was doing everthing right but croaker fishing is a little different but you did great and hopefully next time he will catch all the fish. Take care guys.

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  1. Billy Newsome May 27, 2015 at 9:30 pm #

    Thx Keith
    Had a great time
    You worked real hard for us
    Really enjoyed it
    Will definitely be back

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