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Mike, Chris, Leroy and myself light up the trout in the surf.


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20150802_082850With the winds laying down and green water to the beach this means only one thing and that is the surf is ready for the taking. Thats exactly what took place.Mike, Chris, Leroy and myself hit the surf with big expectations and we were not dissappointed. I knew of a couple good washouts that I had hit the days before so we went directly to my first spot and that was all that was needed. I eased my boat inside of the 2nd bar and anchored up. We all eased out of the boat and went in different directions. Mike of course goes walkabout, with Leroy wading a short distance from the boat while Chris and myself went in the opposite direction. With the bait jumping everywhere it was not long before we were all hooked up. It was unbelieable,I know within our first 15 minutes we were all limited out. We wanted to see if we could catch some big girls so we fished for a couple more hours before I had enough. Within 45 minutes I walked back to the boat with 5 beautiful trout from 20″ to 24″. We were relasing 23″ trout on practically every other cast. I thought my trout were good but when I picked up Mike, Chris and Leroy they had fish up to 28″. We had 20 trout ranging from 20″ to 28″. What a great morning of fishing the surf with some great friends. Memories are forever, thanks guys.

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