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Croaker fishing with my good buddy Jimbo.



20150515_091315Drove into POC late last Thursday night so I called my buddy Jimbo and we got our game plan down about Friday morning. We left out early, man,it was windy but where we were going was going pretty protected. Once we arrived , I got the buckets out, put our croakers in each and suited up. Well, what I did not realize is when I threw the buckets over the side my flipped upside down and evidently I did not latch the bucket lid closed and when I slid over the side and turned my bait bucket over the lid was open and I had 4 croakers in my bucket. Now when Jimbo hits the water he is gone, I mean he can be 100 yards from the boat within minutes, He knows where he is going and he’s outa there. After feeling like a total idiot, I eased down to where I had caught good fish before and within a few minutes I had 4 trout with 4 croakers. I was watching Jimbo and he was hooking up as quick as I was. I tried using soft plastics, top waters, and nothing. I hollered at Jimbo and told him what happened, he told me to come down and get some of his bait so I eased down and got 4 or 5 other baits and within a couple casts I had my 5 fish. Jimbo and myself had our 10 trout in probably 30 to 45 minutes. A few days before Jimbo, LiL John and myself had a pretty good morning also with some nice reds and trout . Mainly that was scouting trip that went well. We finished up around 10:00 with a couple limits a good trout and a couple nice reds ,just another good morning fishing with my good buddies Jimbo &Lil John .

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