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A big “Box of Bronze” with Jamie Owens & family



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Long time friend Jamie Owens recently called and mentioned to me he wanted to come down and bring his family for some of our great fishing action so I told him lets set it up and hopefully the weather will cooperate with us when the time comes. For the last couple of weeks every time I had charters they would be calling for heavy rainy days so concellations and reschedules were happening constantly. I called Jamie and mentioned to him that the weather did not look to promising but he wanted to come down anyway. He said the fish were already wet so a little rain would not dampen their spirits. A little rain was not in the forecast but alot of rain was. As it worked out I fished the day before in the rain and did not have much luck at all so I was not very optimestic about Saturday on the water. Jamie and his family met me at the Fishing Center early Saturday morning and away we went. It was really cloudy with a 60% chance of rain but I told Jamie that we still had a 40% chance that it would not rain. As I turned the corner to where we were going to fish I started noticing redfish were swimming everywhere and as luck would have it we were the only ones there. As I slowed down I could see mullet were jumping everywhere so I thought our odds were definately looking better. I eased down the powerpole and set out a couple lines on top with popping cork and 4 lines out with cut mullet and cut spanish sardines and it did not take long before the action went crazy. We started catching small puppy drum to 18″ and then the reds moved in. Everyone had a hand in the action as we boated fish after fish. It could’nt have happened any better. By 10:00, we had boated 13 reds and 4 nice puppy drum. What a great start, but as luck would have it the wind switched to the northeast a little and the fast action slowed so made a move to the west about a 100 yards to where the grass meets big sand flat and we caught a couple more slot fish before we took off to try and catch some of those big drum that had been coming in to spawn. We set out a couple lines in 25′ of water and waited to see if they were going to cooperate. Well, I guess the drum run was over cause we never lost a crab in a couple hrs and we started hearing thunder to the west and the dark rain clouds started to move in so we called it a day. We had a great time and I hope to see you all again.

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  1. jamie owens May 4, 2015 at 1:35 am #

    awesome time is all the family could say, we had a blast and everyone should experience a trip with you…thank you the owens family

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