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December Duck Hunt with Family and Friends

After the split and duck season resumes,it’s a great time for family, friends and clients to come down and try their luck at some of those fast, wing beating birds. The temperatures are starting to drop and the more mature birds are arriving with the on set of northers that seem to be arriving weekly. […]

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2012 Fishing Pictures

This year has been really a banner year for the trout and red-fish.Just during the the croakier run alone, myself, friends and clients caught alot of trout and quite a few of those fish were in the upper slot this year. I think it all boils down to the release of the bigger fish and not always […]

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Windy day reds

Went out on Friday with 3 gentlemen from El Pescador Lodge in hopes of catching some trout and reds in that 30 mph northeast sustained wind.It was tough going but but they did manage to catch 15 reds and 6 trout but unfortunately only 5 of the reds were slot limit fish with the biggest going 27″. We would […]

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Fishing with Brian and his wife

Met up Captain Brad Graham at Froggies and he pointed out the 2 folks that were to fish with me this windy Saturday morning. I met Brian and his wife and they more than ready to go. The day before they spent 12 hours bouncing around the Gulf  in 6 to 8 foot seas without […]

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