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About Captain Keith Hudson

Photo of Keith HudsonRaised in Port O’Connor, Keith Hudson grew up in a family-owned commercial fishing business, giving him an opportunity afforded to few others to learn and live the outdoor life everyday. Throughout his rearing, Keith fished with some of the best fishermen on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Despite the urging of his parents to pursue other careers, the Gulf of Mexico continued calling Keith back in search of the elusive Blue Marlin, and the Redfish and Speckled Trout in the shallows of the Back Bays. For 12 years Keith had the distinct opportunity to fish with some of the most notable Billfisherman of the time. Just to name a few were Mr. Walter Fondren III, Mr. Lyle Jordan, Mr. Robert Byrd and sons Tommy and Bobby.

Just watching these men in action was an honor and privilege.

Then Keith realized his true passion: chasing big trout and redfish in the shallows of West Matagorda Bay to the far reaches of Baffin Bay. Says Captain Keith: “I don’t think there is a bigger thrill to watch a big sow trout or a big redfish come up from below or behind my topwater and crashes the bait in shin deep water. It’s just beyond words.”

Thats one of reasons that drew Keith to professional guiding: if he could share the same thrill with someone, it would make everything he does worthwhile.

I once took my nephew Travis with me to one of my favorite hot spots to watch him catch his first redfish on topwater and at that moment when that redfish charged his bait and the look of excitement on his face, well, thats one one of the reasons I wanted to pursue a career as a fishing guide

Then, there’s duck hunting. From November through January, the duck hunting is off the charts. As the Blue northers start rolling in in early November the ducks are pushed down by the thousands.The Redheads, Pintails, Wiegons, Blue Wing Teals, Green Wing Teals and Black ducks — just to name a few — are arriving in waves. There is nothing like watching kids of all ages as well as their dads try and pick out a single duck when 30 or 40 at least come dropping in the decoys.

It’s all about the memories.

Are you ready to make some memories? Captain Keith Hudson can do just that. Superb guiding skills, abundant patience, and careful attention to safety: these are just a few of the reasons you will request a trip with Keith.

Make some memories of your own today.

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